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Japanese Straightening &
Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Q .  What is the difference between Japanese Straightening and Keratin Smoothing Treatment?

A.  Japanese Straightening is a heat activated permanent straightening service that uses the similar chemical as Cold Perm and Digital Perm. Japanese Straightening is completely permanent and the part of your hair that has been processed will stay straight permanently, and you will just have to worry about the regrowth.
Keratin Smoothing Treatment is a semi permanent smoothing service that uses the type of protein that makes up your hair to coat them to smooth them out. Keratin Smoothing Treatment only coats your hair so it is safe to do so on previously chemically treated hair, such as highlights. 

Q . How long do they last?

A. You will need to touch up your roots with Japanese Straightening when it becomes noticeable and that depends on how curly your hair naturally is. If your hair has very tight curls, you may want to touch up your roots after 2 to 3 months. If your texture is not as intense, your roots may not bother you about 6 months. However, the touch up process is as tedious, if not more, as the first application, since the chemical cannot be applied to previously straightened sections.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment wears off about after 2 to 3 months, all over your hair unlike Japanese Straightening since it is only coating your hair. How long it lasts depends on how often you wash your hair, and you will get your natural texture back once it is completely gone from your hair. 

Q . I have bleached my hair before or I have highlights in my hair, would it be ok to do Japanese Straightening or Keratin Smoothing Treatment? 

A. The chemical that is used in hair bleach is not compatible with the chemical that is used in Japanese Straightening. Not only the process will not make your hair smooth, it will cause severe damage, most likely resulting in breakage. We do not recommend any client who has lighten their hair with bleach to get Japanese Straightening. If you have any question regarding the previous chemical procedure that has been done to your hair, we do recommend coming in for a consultation first.


Keratin Smoothing Treatment does not penetrate deep into the hair shaft like Japanese Straightening does, so it can be done on previously bleached and highlighted hair.

Q . What is the difference between Japanese Straightening and Keratin Smoothing Treatment regarding its maintenance

A. After Japanese Straightening has been done to your hair, you cannot wash your hair for 48 hours as a part of its neutralizing process to set your hair straight. We advise clients not to tie their hair or do anything to modify its straight shape during those hours. Clients also need to dry their hair completely before going to bed after the procedure is done, since the hair tends to hold whatever shape in the wet state, as it dries.


You can wash your hair right away after Keratin Smoothing Treatment. However, your hair may not be as straight as Japanese Straightening if your natural curls are very tight, although it smooths out the frizz.

Q . Does Keratin Smoothing Treatment contain Formaldehyde?

A. We use Hair Plastic Surgery Plastica Dos Fios for our treatment and it does not contain formaldehyde, and uses a natural ingredient such as acetic acid instead.

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