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Pinok Owner Yuta
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・Owner Stylist・

  Born in Mie, trained in Tokyo,  Pinok's founder - Yuta infused his global expertise into every corner of PINOK STUDIO, established in Pasadena in 2017. His unwavering commitment to sincerity and integrity shines through his meticulous work, enhancing each client's natural beauty.  He passionately believes that your health, happiness, and beauty are intertwined and should be celebrated.

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・Stylist & Head Spa Specialist・

 Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Yuri moved to the United States as a teen.  She studied Cosmetology in Santa Monica and received her license in California. She later studied Cosmetology in Tokyo and received her Japanese license also.  She has been apprenticing under Yuta and mastered the art of hair coloring directly from him. Growing up in both Japan and United States, and spending time in Germany as an international student studying graphic design, makes Yuri a colorist with a very broad perspective and an approach of the fine art to the hair coloring.

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・Stylist & Head Spa Specialist・

  Born and raised in Los Angele, Adriana  is always up to date with what's new and trending in the beauty industry.  Before becoming a hair stylist, she  specialized in makeup  and updos  for special events. She has a passion for beauty "I joined this industry because I love helping people feel good about themselves"  Here at Pinok Studio she is the head spa specialist.  Informing you of the best tips and tricks to maintain a healthy clean scalp . Providing you with an overall great experience. 

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・Stylist & Head Spa Specialist・

 Our stylist, Natalie, born and raised in Los Angeles, has been specializing in the beauty industry for over 8 years. After she passed her license for cosmetology, she continued to learn from different professional stylists.  Gaining so much experience from each salon she worked at, working with Yuta has really inspired her to learn different techniques. “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, getting a smile after each client is what motivates me to do better each time.  Natalie has an incomparable desire to help people feel beautiful inside and out. She  grows to love assisting every client with every hairstyle, and continues to extend her specialty in hair coloring, hair cuts, and head spas. 



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・ Stylist & Head Spa Specialist・

Our talented hairstylist Masha born in Moscow, Russia trained in top-notch Paul Mitchell and Vidal Sassoon Academies got her cosmetology license in 2017. Besides hair cutting and coloring, Masha specializes in @habithiddenextensions method, special events, and photoshoots. She understands the importance of making her clients feel at ease, especially during significant moments in their lives. Her calming presence and reassuring demeanor create an atmosphere of trust and comfort, allowing her clients to relax and enjoy their hairstyling journey to the fullest. She worked on various fashion shoots, and adorned the heads of countless delighted brides and festival-goers.



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・ Stylist ・

Kai brings a wealth of experience from Myanmar, boasting over two decades in the beauty industry, including owning her salon and advanced training in Tokyo. Her journey has endowed her with a fusion of traditional and avant-garde styling techniques, providing our clients a broad spectrum of services from custom haircuts to pioneering coloring.  Kai is passionate about tailoring each client's look to fit their individuality while ensuring ease of care. Her artistic approach combines international flair with a commitment to excellence, making her a standout stylist.
Experience the transformative power of Kai's hairstyling, where cultural heritage meets cutting-edge innovation.



・ Stylist ・

Originally from Guatemala, after running her own successful salon hack home she decided to move to LA to pursued her dreams.     With experience working on movie sets, photoshoot , private clients , Valerie brings her passion for hair to Pinok Studio .  Valerie is dedicated to making her clients feel confident and beautiful. She excels in all aspects of hair care, from vibrant color and stylish cuts to flawless blowouts , hair extensions and  make up. Her artistic eye and technical skills ensure a look that's not only gorgeous but perfectly suited to your unique style.



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・ Head Spa Specialist ・



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・ Assistant・



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・ PINOK Therapist ・

・ PINOK Organizer ・

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