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Head Spa



Counseling with Microscope

* 40, 60min course only*

Scalp Oil Pack Cleansing

with Micro Mist Treatment

 Head and Neck massage 

Carbonated Scalp Shampoo & Treatment




Your body will be able to completely relax by the head massage and will be able to breathe deeply, increasing the oxygen level in your body. It helps to balance your nervous system. It will relieve your stress and you will feel refreshed and energized after.

The Effect on Stressed

and Exhausted Eye Muscles

If your eyes have been feeling tired often from being on the computer or on the smartphone all the time, head spa can help. One of the reasons that your eyes start to feel tired is because your temporalis muscle gets stiff, which can be softened by the head massage.  Head spa also increases blood flow which will improve the clarity of your eye sight.​

The Improvement

of Scalp Condition

Head spa is great for clients who have been struggling with the irritated and itchy scalp, odor, and dandruff.  Head massage will increase blood flow and help clients achieve the healthy skin cell turnover cycle on their scalp. It also improves congested hair follicles, moisturizes dry and flaky scalp, and also makes the oily scalp less greasy. We have the digital microscope that we use during the counseling to help you see your scalp and hair follicle before and after the service.

The Volumizing Effect

If your hair is too flat and has no volume, head spa can help! Head spa eliminates oil and impurities that are clogging the hair follicles, helps tighten the pore, and makes each hair stand upwards. You will be able to retain the volume more easily as you get the head massage regularly.

Improves the Neck and Shoulder Pain

If you have been struggling with neck and shoulder pain, head spa can offer relief. The main cause of neck and shoulder pain is poor circulation. Head massage can stimulate the blood flow. The neck and shoulder is closely located with the head and also shares major blood vessels. Massaging will improve the pain significantly. 

Skin Tightening Effect

Did you know that the skin on your scalp does have an effect on the facial creases and wrinkles?  When the skin on the scalp loses elasticity, the skin on your face loses its tightness as well since it is directly connected, especially around the forehead area. Head massage will improve the circulation, recover the tightness of the skin, and ultimately result in less wrinkles. We recommend adding regular head spas to your anti-aging care regimen.

Improves the Hair Condition

There is an obvious correlation between hair and scalp condition. The improvement of the scalp condition will result in healthy, shiny hair.  The healthy scalp that is properly cleaned and moisturized with good blood circulation, will provide the nourishment to the hair strands more effectively.

The Prevention of the Hair Loss

Head spa can improve the scalp condition and that will provide the best environment for new hair to grow.  Getting a head massage regularly is great for clients who are  struggling with hair loss and hair thinning.  Clearing clogged hair follicles will provide room for new hair to grow,  and the increased blood circulation will carry the necessary nutrients to each strand. 

Less Gray Hair

Gray hair is hair that is completely lacking in melanin, the pigment of your hair, which is provided by the cell on the scalp called melanocytes. One of the reasons for hair to turn gray is poor circulation. Melanocytes can be stimulated by head massage and it results in less gray hair.

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