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Digital Perm | Cold Perm    

Q .  What is the difference between Digital Perm and Cold Perm

A. Digital Perm is a heat activated perm that lasts longer. It's recommended for clients who are looking to get big curls and has a longer hair

Cold Perm is a kind of perm that does not require heat to process. It's recommended for tighter curls also clients with short hair.

Q. How long do they last? 

A. Cold Perm generally lasts about 2 months or so, while Digital Perm lasts about 4 to 6 months or more. It depends on your hair texture and how tight you want your curls to be.

Q . I have bleached my hair before / I have highlights in my hair, would it be ok to do Cold Perm/Digital Perm? 

Cold Perm Process

A. The chemical that is used in hair bleach is not compatible with the chemical that is used in any perm. Not only the curls will not hold, it will cause severe damage, most likely resulting in breakage. We do not recommend any client who has lighten their hair with bleach to get any perm.

If you have any question regarding the previous chemical procedure that has been done to your hair, we do recommend coming in for a consultation first.

Q . What is the difference between Digital and Cold Perm regarding its maintenance? 

Cold Perm

A. Cold Perm will require a little more work since the curls appear the strongest when it’s wet. You would need to use the diffuser to dry curls in its place, and an appropriate styling product for the curly hair.

Digital Perm, you could just use a regular blow dryer and your curls will stay the same when it’s dry.

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

Digital Perm

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